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Air brake driving simulator

The ConsuLab HV-125-BWP is everything you’ve always dreamed about when teaching air brakes systems. Imagine being able to take the entire class out for a road test and watch live data on a scan tool and see what happens when you drive on dry pavement, during full throttle acceleration and a panic stop. Simulate a drive on an icy road and start to lose control, and you will get to demonstrate how the ABS and ESP functions. Students get to hear, feel and see how all the electronic control valves react during these ABS ESP and ATC events. You can demonstrate trailer sway, you can demonstrate traction control events. The trainer is built to be used as a live driving simulator in front of a whole class as well as for learning the foundation air brake system, performing electrical and pneumatic diagnosis with the aid of fault boxes, with optional defective components. The trainer has been designed around the FMVSS121 standard and allows students perform their pre-trip inspections. All components are D.O.T. approved. Optional foundation brake wheel ends with a drum front axle, spring brake disc and spring brake drum configuration give full coverage of how the mechanical foundation section of the brake’s functions. Students can see the S-cams move, you can watch the slack adjusters adjust, you can over or under adjust the brakes and see the results on the foundation disc and drum cutaways.

Technical Details

Product code HV-125-BWP_053334

Educational Advantages

The learner can easily observe the various functions of the trainer and the interaction of the tractor and trailer

The air brake trainer fits through standard classroom doorways and is simple to set up

The wheel speeds for all wheels are shown on individual screens throughout the trainer

The operator controls are positioned so that the operator does not obscure the operation of the system

Many of the components are mounted to the board using thumbnuts so that the components may be removed without any tooling

Faulted components (available as an option) are supplied that can be installed for diagnosis training


The tractor system is a Bendix EC-60 premium system configured as 4S4M, this means 4 sensors and 4 modulator valves

The trailer system is a complete standalone system with Bendix TABS-6, ABS and rollover protection electronic stability control

The Bendix AD-IS air dryer is used that includes a purge tank to clean the filter cartridge and safety valve for over pressure protection. This means that there are just two primary and secondary tanks for the main system

The primary and secondary tanks have drain valves. All tanks are equipped with safety valves set at the industry standard 150psi