Our Experts

Rick Martineau

Years of teaching: 25 years at SAIT and 7 with ConsuLab
Years with ConsuLab: 7 years in 2 sessions (associated for 10 years)
Passions: Learning new things especially about vehicles and sharing knowledge with others. Working on my project cars. Riding motorcycles.
Areas of expertise: Most of my teaching was in the GM ASEP program and I had to teach all areas of vehicle systems. I have a good general knowledge about vehicles and the subsystems. My favorite areas are engines, steering and suspension, electrical and HVAC.
Something special or unique about you: I am a collector without categorization. I don’t seek a particular type of item. I like gadgets, tools, toys etc.

Tim Dwyer

Years of teaching:  12 years at OSUIT
Years with ConsuLab:  8 years
Passions: Professionally, helping both young and old people find their own passion. Intention is the core of my actions and I’ve always intended to be honest and offer help to the best of my ability to encourage success! Personal, I love to sail, ride my bicycle and woodworking
Areas of expertise: I enjoy the “how” to teach and have always explored alternate methods to engage students.  Finding the best teaching style that really achieves student learning is very important and also very hard to do. I find that listening to students and instructors has helped us build trainers that are actually used and not parked in the corner of the shop. We truly want to help teach technology!
Something special or unique about you: I thank God for anything that might be special or unique about me!

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Dick Krieger

Years of teaching:  51 years
Years with ConsuLab:  12 years
Passions:  To help people learn – To constantly keep learning myself
Areas of expertise: Technical writing – Electrical Systems - Oscilloscopes
Something special or unique about you: US Navy veteran. Served in repairing Polaris nuclear submarines at Holy Loch, Scotland. Currently serve on the American Legion Honor Guard in our community.

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Al Santini

Years of teaching:  54 years
Years with ConsuLab:  10 years
Passions:  Sailing, automotive electronics
Areas of expertise:  Automotive electronics, CAN Bus, Advanced Systems, Bi-Directional scanning
Something special or unique about you:  I try to give instructors something they can use in their next class.  Not especially theory oriented but information that is “Need To Know”  I have taught at all levels of education and always have the teaching of students in mind when training.

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Jeff Curtis

Years of teaching: 30 years
Years with ConsuLab: 5 years
Passions: I am passionate about student learning and how we, as instructors, can better facilitate their learning.
Areas of expertise: Construction, marine, agricultural and trucking industry equipment. Especially electrical/electronics, hydraulics and drive train systems.
Something special or unique about you: I come from a family of mechanics and have been working for shops, for pay, for 60 years.

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Dave Giles

Years of teaching: 27 years
Years with ConsuLab: Newest member of the education team, less than a year.
Passions: Inovation, making things better, Sharing knowledge through products and teaching, travel and family
Areas of expertise: Automotive Technology, Electrification of transportation, Consulting and product development.

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