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We put our employees, our team, above all else. Without you, there is no ConsuLab. Do you love technology? Love working with your hands? Do you like working with cars or trucks, big diesel engines? Are you a welder?  You would love working with us.

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Flexibility is key


ConsuLab's profit-sharing program aims to generate additional motivation among team members. The value of this bonus is dependent on the company's performance, which encourages employees to become more involved and collaborative.


ConsuLab is committed to offering competitive salaries in line with the market. Employee salaries are based on education, years of experience relevant to the job, the position held, the requirements of the position in question, and skill acquisition.


ConsuLab offers its employees a group benefits plan to improve their quality of life and protect their loved ones from financial hardship caused by accident, illness or death. The employer also contributes to the group insurance contribution.


ConsuLab is concerned with the life balance of its employees at all levels. Good physical, mental and financial health have an impact on the mobilization and productivity of employees. It is for these reasons that the company puts in place various complementary mechanisms to support the financial security of each worker, including collective salary adjustment based on inflation and income sharing.


The company has implemented an employee performance evaluation system. Through meetings between the employee and his or her supervisor, it is possible to obtain a precise picture of the employee's results at work, to determine his or her strengths, areas for improvement and the corrective measures to be taken. 


In order to maintain a good working atmosphere and promote team spirit, the company encourages the organization of social activities for employees and their families.


A balanced life is based on complete wellness. While stress is a part of everyday life, it is important to recognize when situations create distractions or cause concern. EAP and telemedicine provide employees with immediate and confidential support to help resolve their concerns.

Choose your schedule!

ConsuLab attempts to identify concerns related to employee needs and to take into consideration current trends in the labour market regarding work-life balance. To this end, we believe that work time cannot be broken down into a single model; it must be flexible within a certain framework in order to adapt to the realities of each employee.