Product Training

Whether it’s by presenting at national or regional conferences or by offering one-on-one familiarization training, our education team is here to help. Each member has their own specific area of expertise and bring literally hundreds of combined years of experience as educators and trainers.

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One-to-one Training

We don’t just want to sell you a training aid, we want you to utilize it to its full intention. We call this the ConsuLab «magic». Our education team, in coordination with our sales staff can set up personalized one-on-one training with you so you can unleash the «magic» in your ConsuLab training aid.

Familiarization training

Familiarization training is something we can always offer to you as an item that can be purchased along with your ConsuLab equipment. Our team is willing to travel to your location and provide you with in-depth training on your equipment.

Group session

Whether at your location or at a show, our group sessions are always well attended as members of our team offer their knowledge and experience on various topics. You will leave a ConsuLab session with more knowledge than you entered!