Why ConsuLab?

We are committed to providing our clients access to the technology necessary to train their students.

All of our automotive educational products are built to help students meet the requirements for their specific program and prepare them for a successful future in the workplace. Our products are designed with our philosophy of taking OEM components found in industry today and adapting them for educational purposes by making them safer, more visible, and then adding fault insertion where possible.

Product Design Philosophy

At Consulab, we pride ourselves on three distinguishing characteristics: the quality of our products; the service and support before and after sale; and, our one-on-one relationship with our clients. When your are looking for a turnkey solution, we can help you develop and implement a program appropriate for any age, from secondary and post-secondary students, up through the university level.

We feel that this philosophy will assist student in the following ways:

  • Greater troubleshooting skills;
  • Increased confidence levels;
  • Increased speed of learning;
  • Maintaining motivation through a correlation between training and the realities faced daily in industry.

Green Initiatives

Each one of our products are built with an understanding of our role on this planet. With that in mind we try to build each product as environmentally friendly as possible. Many of our trainers are built from recycled materials, meaning products aren’t wasting in a landfill and are being recycled for educational purposes. Additionally, with our products we help students better understand green technologies such as EVs and hybrids.

Involvement in Skills

ConsuLab supports Skills at all levels, from state and provincial to national Skills and we are even the official training aid supplier for World Skills.

Our Partners

We partner with recognized leaders in the industry. This ensures that today’s students have access to the best of the best as we help play in role in developing a workforce of skilled tradespeople. Additionally, by partnering with these leaders, we offer our full support to educators.

Our History

For more than 50 years, ConsuLab has devoted our business plan to offering intuitive solutions to educators. This is more than just a catch phrase or a marketing line; this is at the core of ConsuLab’s beliefs. Since our beginnings in 1969, ConsuLab has specialized in manufacturing and distributing high-quality training equipment to help you teach ever-evolving technology. 

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