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Fuel Injection and GM Engine Management Trainer

The ConsuLab EM-330-1 Fuel Injection and Engine Management Trainer functions as in a real automobile but uses non-flammable fluid instead of gasoline for safety and educational purposes. The trainer is used to teach and demonstrate engine management systems in a vehicle.The advantage to the trainer comes in the fact that it produces no exhaust, will fit through virtually any doorway, has adjustable inputs and is the actual system used on the vehicle. The VIN on the front faceplate of the trainer contains the actual VIN of the vehicle that all components came from. The adjustable sensor inputs greatly improve the instructor ability to have students understand cause and effect. As the student changes the input, which can be observed using DMM, Scanner or DSO, the result of the change can also be observed. These are beneficial during certain labs which will highlight cause and effect. For example, the 330 can easily show how the fuel injector on time will change with engine temperature changes just by monitoring the pulse width on either a scanner or by viewing the injector pattern on a DSO. This is the greatest plus in the trainer. Students can change the inputs and watch a DMM, scanner or DSO change the output. The EM-330-1 comes with a comprehensive manual with extensive labs that will use a DMM, a scanner or a DSO.

Technical Details

Product code EM-330-1_052616

Educational Advantages

Introduce engine managment to a class

Introduce the use of a Digital Multi Meter (DMM)

Introduce scanner operation

Supply information that utilizes a DSO

Teach pattern analysis - both voltage and current

Look at fuel and ignition strategies

Teach fuel delivery operation including fuel pump speed calculation

Teach fuel injection operation

Teach ignition operation

Teach the input vs output concept so important for a student/technician to understand.


All OEM components, wiring, connectors and wire colors

OBDII data link connector

Integrated ECM breakout box

Most engine input sensors and output actuators

Return type fuel system with pressure regulator

COP (Coil-On-Plug) ignition system

ECM breakout box with test receptacles for test equipment hookup

Adjustable sensor inputs


GM Chevrolet Cobalt / Pontiac G5 2007+