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SRS Restraints & Air Bag Diagnostic Trainer

The EM-300-07 SRS Restraints & Air Bag Diagnostic Trainer is designed to help instructors teach supplemental restraint systems and their interaction with the sensors and diagnostics. This information is shared on a CAN Bus network. This trainer may be used by instructors for ensuring student understanding of the basic system fundamentals and functionality. While the solid-propellant inflators are already detonated, the circuits function as normal in a fully live system providing the learner with real-world hands-on experience. An important feature is that EVERY SINGLE CONNECTOR has its own test points and a connector disconnect/connect switch that helps to enable the available 26 systems faults for real diagnosis without potential damaging of OEM connectors with repeated disconnect/connect cycles.

Technical Details

Product code EM-300-07_053249

Educational Advantages

No codes are present and the SRS light is not illuminated with the ignition power on.

The 26 insertable faults trigger OEM DTC’s (diagnostic trouble codes).

The DTC’s generated by the faults can be diagnosed using OEM service procedures and the fault location can be identified.

Both seats travel fully forward and rearward.

The passenger seat occupant weight can be simulated to apply weight to the seat occupant sensors.

Powered by a CSA/UL 120/12V power supply.

All impact sensors are installed on studs with thumb nuts retaining them. This is to allow for easy removal and replacement.

All solid-propellant inflators have been detonated and are inert. There is NO danger of any deployment of inflators.

The SRS ECU breakout box is represented on the dashboard with terminal identifications that resemble the connector end views.

There is a pull-out shelf/drawer for a scan tool.

The DLC (Diagnostic Link Connector) is present with an accompanying DLC breakout box with indicator lights.


2015-2017 Honda Fit 5 door with automatic transmission (3rd gen).