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Speed and position sensors trainer

The EM-200-25 Speed and Position Sensors trainer is used to demonstrate the operation, diagnosis and testing of common types of analog and digital speed and position sensors as they operate on a real vehicle all in one convenient place.The trainer provides a safe and effective method of demonstrating the operating principles of different types of speed and position sensors that are common on today’s cars and trucks normally used for wheel speed, engine speed and vehicle speed. All sensors are mounted on a common shaft which is driven by a variable speed electric motor to create different operating conditions.NOTE: An oscilloscope is needed to view the four different signals generated with this product. Ask your ConsuLab consultant for our recommended scope setup.

Technical Details

Product code EM-200-25_052984

Educational Advantages

Turnkey product with complete curriculum and courseware

Demonstrates full functionality of both analog (passive) and digital (active) speed and position sensors

Electronically controlled variable speed drive motor allows sensor operation from zero RPM through both steady and variable speeds

Magneto-resistive magnetic strip sensor can detect instant movement of rotation or 0 kph/mph

Allows full diagnosis and testing with DVOM and oscilloscope

Switches allow the sensor to be disconnected/connected in the circuit for real-world testing purposes.

Allows student demonstrations of the operation, diagnosis and testing of:

CKP (Crankshaft Position Sensors)

CMP (Camshaft Position Sensors)

VVT (Variable Valve Timing) sensors

ABS Wheel speed sensors (all types)

RPM and Vehicle Speed sensors

Provides clear visualization of sensors without access limitations of a vehicle


Sensor test receptacles for hookup of DVOM and Oscilloscope

Radial analog (passive) inductive sensor with adjustable air gap to show effects on operation 

Digital Hall-Effect sensor

Radial and axial digital (active) magneto-resistive sensors (adjustable radial sensor to show effect on operation)

Equipped with sensor disconnect switches for separate testing of both harness side and/or component side of sensor

Trainer has a bench top design that allows clear student visualization of sensor operation, diagnosis and testing

Electronically controlled variable speed electric drive motor

120V AC/DC power supply included