Single sided CAN bus multiplex system trainer

The ConsuLab MP-1918-1S is a CAN Bus Multiplex trainer that communicates in J-1939 protocol. Digital and analog inputs and outputs can be activated. Analog signals can be displayed using the J-1939 display. The trainer utilizes the “Moduponent®” design feature which allows unlimited expansion capabilities. This unit is equipped with an integrated electronic fault box containing 12 faults.

Technical Details

Product code MP-1918-1S_053040

Educational Advantages

The MP-1918-1 Trainer uses SAE J1929 communications protocol to operate a 4 module CAN Bus network , which includes both a DLC and a Deutsch Connector.

The trainer demonstrates common multiplexing circuit controls via a high speed CAN Bus network.

Students connect modules and components using included jumper wires.

The MP-1918-1 can be used as a CAN Bus demonstration trainer, or, using the included comprehensive student lab manual, as a CAN Bus training course.

Built in electronic fault box allows fault insertion into circuits for diagnostic training and student comprehension.

CAN Bus diagnostics can be taught using a DMM and DSO to look at Bus resistance, wake up signal and high speed information packets.

Diagnostic strategies learned on the MP-1918-1S are easily transferred to a vehicle.


Included user manual with theory explanations of CAN Bus, student exercises, schematics, sample scope patterns and check tests.

Includes four (4) modules that replicate heavy vehicle applications including (instrument cluster, input, engine and output modules). Trainer can also be used to instruct basics of CAN Bus automotive.

Includes digital and analog inputs/outputs.

Each module has test points for individual diagnosis and testing.

J-1939 display on Moduponent panel for observation of real time circuit changes.

Sturdy powder coated metal stand equipped with lockable storage drawers and a UL approved 120VAC/12VDC power supply (w/analog voltmeter and ammeter).

Jumper wire storage racks mounted to frame.

Stand has two fixed and two lockable casters for easy trainer movement.

Configuration available

MP-1918-1S_053040 Single sided trainer.

MP-1918-1D_053041 Double sided trainer.

MP-1918-1U_053042 Upgrade kit, convert a single sided trainer to a double sided.

CL-MP-1918_053333 Combination automotive and multiplexed lighting system trainer.

HV-MP-1918_053303 Combination heavy truck and multiplexed lighting system trainer.