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Multiplex network diagnostic trainer

Do your students have difficulty understanding the operation of Multiplex and CAN Bus systems? Do you have access to vehicles that allow you to easily teach the operation, diagnosis and repair of CAN Bus circuits?The MP-750 Multiplex Network Diagnostic Trainer was designed from the ground up to assist you with these difficult tasks.The MP-750 is a totally functional vehicle CAN Bus trainer based on a Honda vehicle platform. The trainer includes all of the following operational OEM vehicle systems:

  • Functional Multiplex & CAN Bus systems with 11 system modules
  • All OEM vehicle lighting systems
  • Functional Honda F (CAN Hi/Lo), B and K-line circuits
  • Entertainment (Radio, CD/DVD, Bluetooth), Immobilizer, Alarm
  • OEM Instrument panels with gauges
  • Multi-Information, HVAC and Entertainment dashboard displays
  • Wipers, Horn, Power Door Locks, Mirrors and Windows
  • Operational vehicle doors with electrical controls
  • Recycled vehicle harness, lighting components, electrical power distribution components and door assemblies
  • Mobile stand constructed of 2” (5cm2) tubular steel equipped with four 5” (12.7cm) phenol casters (2-fixed and 2-swivel w/locks)
  • Original instrument panel
  • OBDII data link connector with matching OEM terminal identification and wire colors
  • Original fuse box and power distribution center with circuit protection
  • Integrated 55A power supply 120VAC/12VDC 60Hz

Technical Details

Product code MP-750_052808

Educational Advantages

Full curriculum package with student assignments and instructors answer keys

Provides a “real-world” functional vehicle systems trainer with full accessibility to components

Full available communication between all modules

Allows “hands-on” student activities for learning CAN Bus system operation, diagnosis and repair

Fault box provides 12 “real-world” vehicle problems requiring diagnosis and repair procedures

All components, fuse box, wiring and connectors exactly match OEM colors and service information

DLC provides full access for scan tool and oscilloscope testing access

Is a powerful teaching tool for demonstrating full functionality of vehicle CAN Bus system operation

Engine systems respond to inserted faults with real world symptoms, OEM DTC’s, scan tool datastream changes and check engine light operation


OEM fuse box and power distribution center (matches OEM service information)

All OEM components are used – no simulation

Provides easy access to all components without limitations of a complete vehicle

Integrated 55A power supply 120VAC/12VDC 60Hz (operates on a standard 15A receptacle circuit)

Sturdy powder coated metal frame

Compact and fits through standard door openings

Manual fault box with 12 selectable system faults