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HVAC electronics moduponent kit

The ConsuLab MD-4000-24 is a versatile and adaptable electrical/electronic training series that allows students to build electronic circuits used in common HVAC systems.

Technical Details

Product code MD-4000-24_053345

Educational Advantages

Can be used for teaching basic Ohm’s law or circuits used in common HVAC systems

Self-contained unit has a protected built-in adjustable power supply and holds up to 16 different Moduponents®

Includes 15 different Moduponents® from the entire MD-4000 series

Uses industry standard schematic symbols

Can assist you in the instruction of many tasks in area A6 and others of the ASE Education Foundation


Protected with removable metal cover

Adjustable and protected power supply (2-14VDC)

Moduponent® attachment rails allow up to 16 individual Moduponents®

List of Moduponents®

52958 CL-1011A Desktop Moduponent® Case

52320 CL-1012-03 Set of 26 jumper leads

53061 MD-4000 DC Power Supply

53074 MD-4001 Pulse Width Modulator

53095 MD-4002 5V Output (Regulator)

53070 MD-4030 Potentiometer

53068 MD-4040 12VDC 5-pin ISO Relay

53067 MD-4052 NCT Thermistor

53207 MD-4058 High Pressure Switch

53209 MD-4059 Sunload Sensor

53210 MD-4060 Windshield Temperature and Inside Moisture Sensor

53211 MD-4061 In-vehicle Temperature and Humidity Sensor

53130 MD-4062 PTC Thermistor

53073 MD-4111 Fan

53208 MD-4115 Air Door Actuator

53076 MD-4141 Optical Sensors (3)

53077 MD-4142 Transistors