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ConsuLink engine bench Cummins B6.7 EPA 2021 new

The ConsuLinkTM Cummins B6.7 engine bench is an innovative training solution for your classroom. The intuitive ConsuLinkTM student learning platform empowers students to perform diagnosis without needing direct input from an instructor. Various diagnostic scenarios can be created and inserted in multiple ways; by the student with instructions, by the student blindly, by the instructor, or by manually inserted faults. The brand-new Cummins B6.7 represents the pinnacle of modern diesel technology with cutting-edge emissions systems, advanced injection technologies and high-power density. Integrated breakout boxes for the engine ECU and Deutsch 9-pin DLC facilitate durable and repeatable multimeter and oscilloscope measurements. Included student exercises save teacher prep time.

Technical Details

Product code HV-950-B6.7_035101

Educational Advantages

Includes three different educational support documents

Operation manual

Student assignments

Instructors manual

ConsuLinkTM student learning platform with a touchscreen display

Demonstration of major engine systems to groups of students without the access limitations of a complete vehicle.

Engine systems respond to inserted faults with real-world symptoms, OEM DTCs, and check engine light operation.

Functional DLC using SAE J1939 protocols.

Demonstration of exhaust after-treatment emission system operation.


Removable aftertreatment module

Protective guards on all rotating components

Emergency stop switches

Dashboard including:

PowerView-101 Murphy display

ECM and DLC breakout box

Ignition key switch


ON/OFF switches

Selector switches

Indicator lamps


Cummins B6.7, EPA 2021 w/EGR, DPF, SCR