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Heavy truck steering system trainer

The ConsuLab HV-130 Steering system is designed to assist instructors in teaching basic alignment geometry and the function of steering components. The trainer is extremely versatile in that students can easily visualize all operations as well as practice adjusting the components. Students can also visualize and learn common braking system components.*The images provided are for illustrative purposes only and may not fully reflect the actual product.

Technical Details

Product code HV-130_053243

Educational Advantages

Imagine being able to demonstrate to your students the concepts of heavy truck front axle alignment and the importance of proper alignment on drivability, tire wear and fuel consumption, all without the constraints of the hood, radiator, engine and all of the other things in your way while instructing.

Safety, visibility, and portability are key features of this front axle trainer. Roll it into any classroom with standard size doors.

This axle covers a broad range of front axle types for maximum educational value.

With the HV-130 you can show, caster, camber, toe, king pin inclination, toe-out on turns, Ackerman angle, steering stops, poppets, and steering geometry.

The steering gear is fully operational, without hydraulic power, and operates from stop-to-stop to show the full action of the steering components. This allows stop-to-stop operation without the hazard of hydraulic power steering.

Easily measures camber, caster and set toe.

Student assignments that follow manufacturer service information and procedures are included in the package.


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