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Air disc wheel end training system with cutaways

The ConsuLab HV-126-DC_052960 trainer includes a heavy duty truck disc assembly with air chamber. Using shop air (90 psi minimum) the service and parking brakes can be applied, the brake system can be dismantled, adjusted and the brakes can be measured. The trainer includes cutaways showing the caliper, the s-cam and the bearing races.

Technical Details

Product code HV-126-DC_052960

Educational Advantages

Allows full visualization of the air brake disc type assembly without the requirements of having a complete vehicle in the classroom

Uses shop air to duplicate actual air brake disc type function

Complete operational air brake disc type


Air disc assembly

Shop air connection

Connections for service and parking brake

PP-1 push-pull type control valve

E2 foot brake valve

R-14 relay valve

SR-5 anti-compound trailer spring brake valve

Air reservoir with safety valve

Three (3) pressure gauges

Sectional cutaway that shows the caliper, the s-cam and the bearing races

One (1) mobile bench on casters (4) - two (2) are fixed and two (2) are swivel




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