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Pneumatic bench single-sided

An affordable trainer that grows with your budget and needs. The design of the MF700PN is brilliant because it has unlimited growth potential. Start out with a frame and enough components to teach an excellent course in fundamental pneumatics and grow it, as your budget and needs change, to the most advanced pneumatic training system on the planet.

Technical Details

Product code FP-MF700S-PN


Ability to accept almost any, and every, type of pneumatic component, including your own.

Ability to adapt to any skill level from basics through electro-pneumatics.

Have industry-standard safety lockout valves: the same ones used in industry so you can teach your students to think safety and work safely.

Light-weight frame that is compact, rigid, mobile, and extremely durable.

Handcrafted with pride in the USA with unrivalled quality.

Ability to grow as your needs and budget grow.


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