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Hydrostatic transmission - implement and steering

The FP-MF500-IS-TSE Hydrostatic Transmission Trainer features the exact transmission found in the vast majority of skid-steer loaders, mini-backhoes, and numerous other mobile and industrial machines. This trainer is provided with hydraulic steering and implement, and is available as a diesel engine-driven simulator or an electric motor-driven simulator. The trainer is equipped with a state-of-the-art, dual-drive, hydrostatic transmission system. The dual-pumps are electronically controlled with independent joysticks – just like the actual vehicle. The state-of the-art, electronically controlled, wheel load system is designed to simulate any driving conditions, regardless of severity, that a typical hydrostatic drive might experience.

Technical Details

Product code FP-MF500-IS-TSE

Features and benefits

No wheels on the ground equals no unforeseen safety hazards

No hazardous rotating wheels or moving tracks

No fatigue – all components mounted waist high

No slip hazards or environmental problems

No confined spaces

Five emergency stops


Industry standard lockout devices

Real-time operation - drives as if it were on a construction site

Built-in faults - unparalleled diagnostics teaching and learning capability

Prepares students for the real world - teaches students “need to know” information

Hydraulic implement and articulated steering module

As an added convenience the load mechanism is equipped with an integral cylinder rebuild station, which is designed to permit two groups of students to disassemble/assemble cylinders at the same time


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