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Interactive Demonstrative Electric Vehicle

Have you ever wondered how to give your students hands-on exploration of a complete electrical vehicle in a safe environment? The EV-601-TS_053322 ALL EV iDEV training car by ConsuLab is not just a training aid, it’s an actual Tesla Model 3 training car visually displayed for maximum learning! All major components are identified in their actual location, most have been exposed (cutaway) in a way that is not possible on an operating vehicle, this helps attain a better understanding of their internal components and workings.

Technical Details

Product code EV-601-TS_053322

Educational Advantages

Visual identification of BEV components

Volt-meters and ammeters located at several key components

LED strips indicate paths of electrical energy and coolant flow

Location of security loops for emergency response personnel

Functional electric park brake

Functional electric-assist power steering

Infotainment screen allows functionality

How to enter and exit the vehicle without keys

Testing of components with an insulation tester

CAN Bus communication


Safety is maximized and emphasized as there is no DC high voltage present on this trainer.

Rear floor above the motor/inverter unit

Penthouse cover removed/cutaway and protected by Plexiglas

Motor/inverter cutaways showing 3-phase power into the motor, cooling passages, rotor,

stator, and inverter.

Includes complete curriculum developed by our team with over 40 hours of student activities

The product is a standard Tesla Model 3 unibody, without the following: the hood, trunk, doors, front fenders, roof, windscreen, rear glass, high voltage battery cells. It does contain the following: headlights, taillights, and all exterior lights, battery case


Tesla Model 3 unibody

*Exterior color may vary