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EV High-Voltage Safety Trainer

The EV-400 EV High-Voltage Safety Trainer represents a fully functional battery electric vehicle (BEV) in a compact classroom sized package. It provides an intuitive, hands-on experience for high-voltage testing, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) use including gloves and insulated tools, high voltage isolation testing with a mega-ohmmeter, high voltage interlock circuits, first responders’ loops, three phase motor control, high voltage power distribution, and much more. The product has a fault box and a faulty component, allowing diagnostic practice. The system reacts as a real BEV, demonstrating functions of various scenarios and components. All in a completely safe, controlled, classroom environment.The ConsuLab EV-400 High-Voltage Safety Trainer includes student assignments and practical exercises that (when combined with the required prerequisites) prepare a technician or instructor to successfully complete the CSA Group Automotive Electric Vehicle Technician Certification.This innovative product is perfect for: Technical training programs: automotive, electrical engineering, emergency response. Educational institutions: motive power trades, vocational schools, community colleges, and high schools. EV manufacturers and repair shops: upskilling technicians and ensuring safety protocols.

Technical Details

Product code EV-400_053287

Educational advantages

Students experience the full power of EV systems with real-world voltage, completely safeguarded for student interaction.

Comprehensive Simulation: From start to drive motor, the EV-400 replicates the full functionality of an EV, providing an immersive learning experience.

Understanding & Usage of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Identification of High-Voltage Components

High-Voltage Measurements Verification

Circuit Insulation & Isolation Testing

Lockout/Tagout Demonstrations with Faraday Cage

3 Phase Motor Functionality via Oscilloscope


Fault box with 10 faults + 1 faulty component

Measurable 400V DC and 3 phase motor signals.

Includes a printed paper copy of operation manual with schematics, and access to PDF files for student activities and instructors guide.

Live loss of isolation (LOI) detection

4 different fault indicator lights (12v, high voltage, isolation, interlock.)

Compact & Portable: Thie unit easily stores and transports, making learning accessible anywhere.

Available as a single unit, or as a classroom set with mobile, locking storage cabinet.

Includes High Voltage gloves and PICO Insulation Tester


A generic electric vehicle, with a common system configuration based on numerous popular manufacturers and models.