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AC system trainer with H-Block, R1234YF

The ConsuLab EM-2000-YF R1234yf Air Conditioning trainer is a complete A/C system with unique features designed to enhance the instruction of air conditioning physics. The trainer uses the H-Block TXV design with R1234yf flow control. The trainer uses common automotive components and can be used in both classroom and shop environments. The trainer utilizes a hermetically sealed and internally protected compressor. Operates on 120V 15A 60Hz circuit.

Technical Details

Product code EM-2000-YF_053330

Educational Advantages

Trainer has all major components required for an automotive air conditioning system using the H-Block TXV system.

Fully operational with typical component layout and organization.

Clear sight glasses provide clear understanding of the H-Block (TXV) air conditioning refrigeration cycle.

Allows student observation of refrigerant changes of state (liquid/vapor) at the receiver/drier, evaporator and condenser.

Trainer can be connected to any A/C Recycling/Recovery equipment using R1234yf ports.

Allows visual inspection of the role and operation of the H-Block (TXV) and receiver/drier.

Provides pressure and temperature measurement displays of evaporator and condenser.

Is equipped with an Internal Heat Exchanger (IHX) to increase subcooling of the refrigerant.

Allows the introduction of system restrictions and blockages for diagnostic learning.

Adjustable fan speeds for demonstrations of typical performance problems for evaporator and condenser.

Removable magnetic component identification labels and refrigerant flow arrows for student learning.

Equipped with high pressure cut-out switch, evaporator deicing switch and internal compressor protection.

High and low side ball valves can be adjusted to demonstrate various system restrictions resulting in abnormal operation.

Trainers condenser, evaporator and compressor cycling switches can be adjusted to demonstrate various abnormal symptoms.


OEM R1234yf ports.

High and Low side A/C pressure gauges.

Adjustable temperature control switch for evaporator temperature levels.

Digital thermometers (4) at inlet and outlet of evaporator and condenser.

Internally protected hermetically sealed A/C compressor.

A/C compressor has manual starter with internal thermal protection.

High pressure (300psi) safety switch shuts off compressor.

Adjustable 3-speed evaporator (1) and condenser (2) fans.

Cycling switch bypass toggle switch.

Stainless steel condensate drip pan with drain.

Power “ON” indicator light.

Removable magnetic component name and refrigerant flow arrow labels.

Operation Manual with student assignments included.