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Cutaway diesel exhaust aftertreatment system

The ConsuLab EC-490 is a cutaway diesel exhaust system trainer that allows students to view the components of a diesel exhaust aftertreatment system using LED’s and electronic controls to help learners understand the function, and effect on, diesel engine exhaust gases following the combustion cycle. The trainer uses multiple colored LED’s to represent the gases that flow in the exhaust system and, demonstrates the chemical reactions within each of the aftertreatment processes.

Technical Details

Product code EC-490_053131

Educational Advantages

Includes all catalysts, filters, dosing valve and sensors

Includes colored LED’s to demonstrate exhaust gas movement through the system

A different colored LED indicates each exhaust gas compound

Adjustable speed progression of LED’s allows for customization to your student exercises

Compact design for use in all classrooms and labs

A clear protective cover over the system to prevent contact with catalyst materials

Instructor can select an automatic mode which cycles through all chemical reactions or a manual mode to go through the stages step by step