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Cutaway differential with adjustment capabilities

As an instructor, have you struggled to demonstrate how a differential system works to your students? The EC-431 is a working system of actual components, so students can visualize the mechanical operation of an open differential and make your life easier as an instructor. The EC-431 provides an easy method of demonstrating differential operation and the common adjustments made during common service procedures.

Technical Details

Product code EC-431_053112

Educational Advantages

Provides component identification exercises for students.

Allows demonstration of proper design and location of common differential parts and components.

Instructors can easily demonstrate the operation of a typical differential.

The EC-431 provides hands on learning by moving the pinion gear in and out of mesh with the ring gear and allows adjustment of the ring gear position by changing the backlash using hand adjustments.

Provides visualization of backlash adjustment

Provides visualization of pinion depth position

Provides visualization of calculating gear ratio


Provides full visibility and accessibility to all components without the limitations of working under a vehicle.

Takes the mystery out of differential operation.

Sits on a bench or tabletop to allow more student access and visibility of component operation.

Demonstrates how movement of the differential components affect adjustment.

Cutaway assembly to easily show components.

Uses repurposed “real” automotive components.

Engages multiple students for operation of trainer.

Provides ability to make and check common adjustments

Provides ability to visualize differential gear movement


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