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Cutaway hydraulic clutch system trainer

The EC-1120 is a working system of actual, new components so that students can visualize the actual operation.Some of the highlights of this trainer include:

  • Total visibility of all clutch components without the limitations of working under a vehicle.
  • Takes the mystery out of clutch operation.
  • Sits on a bench or tabletop to allow more student access and visibility of operation.

    Technical Details

    Product code EC-1120_053185

    Educational Advantages

    Reinforces visual and “hands-on” learning strategies.

    Uses actual clutch components that function as they would in a vehicle.

    Easy for all to operate and understand.

    Small and compact for easy use and storage.

    Achieve ASE/Red Seal student learning outcomes.




    Uses actual vehicle components

    Ease of operation

    Safe and easy to use

    Pressure plate

    Clutch disc

    Release/throw-out bearing


    Master cylinder

    Slave cylinder

    Included are linkages for pedal and clutch fork, fluid reservoir and fluid lines

    Applicable ASE Education Foundation (NATEF) tasks

    Diagnose clutch noise, binding, slippage, pulsation, and chatter; determine needed action.

    Inspect clutch pedal linkage, cables, automatic adjuster mechanisms, brackets, bushings, pivots, and springs; perform needed action.

    Inspect and/or replace clutch pressure plate assembly, clutch disc, release (throw-out) bearing, linkage, and pilot bearing/bushing (as applicable).

    Bleed clutch hydraulic system.

    Check and adjust clutch master cylinder fluid level; check for leaks; use proper fluid type per manufacturer specification.

    Inspect flywheel and ring gear for wear, cracks, and discoloration; determine needed action.

    Measure flywheel runout and crankshaft end play; determine needed action.


    Honda clutch components


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