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Classroom set of 12 Ohm's law trainers

Do your students struggle with basic electricity? Do you have challenges capturing their attention and getting them interested in how basic electricity works? Do you want to equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to work on today’s automobiles (gas-powered, hybrid and electric)? The ConsuLab CL-1919-06 Ohm’s Law and DC Circuits trainer is designed to help teach Ohm’s Law basics as well as demonstrating common electrical system components and circuit operation. The most popular way to package this trainer is as a classroom package.

Technical Details

Product code CL-1919-12_053340

Kit Content

12 CL-1919-06 Trainers

1 SC-12 Storage Cabinet

10 extra Red Jumper Leads

10 extra Black Jumper Leads

12 extra Fuses (200 mA, 250 V)

12 extra #194 Light Bulbs (L1 & L2)

12 extra #3157 Light Bulbs (L3)

12 extra #2726 LED Bulbs (D1)