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Ohm's law and DC circuits trainer

The CL-1919-06 Ohm’s Law & DC Circuits trainer is a self-contained educational learning system designed to assist instructors in teaching students basic electrical and electronic theory. It is designed to help teach Ohm’s Law basics as well as demonstrating common electrical system components and circuit operation.The CL-1919-06 Ohm’s Law and DC Circuits Trainer has been certified by CSA Group a Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory, to meet the applicable standards for quality and safety in North America. This product is certified for use by persons 14 years and older only. This certification applies to both Canada and the U.S.A student curriculum provides circuit construction and learning assignments designed to help students learn.The trainer is protected with a removable metal cover. The case features a carrying handle and has internal storage for jumper test leads and power cord.

Technical Details

Product code CL-1919-06_053327

Educational Advantages

Self-contained package with built-in internally protected power supply.

Student curriculum provides learning assignments for circuit construction and understanding.

Built-in Fluke DMM for electrical measurements and diagnosis.

Can be used to assist the instruction of operational theory of DC electrical/electronic circuits and components.

Meets many of the DC Electrical/Electronic tasks for NATEF, Alberta and Red Seal curriculums.

CSA certified for US and Canada.


Requires 120VAC to operate, outputs 2-14VDC (4A max).

Panel mounted Digital Readout showing trainer DC voltage.

Hinged and removable top cover.

Built in DMM (Digital Multi-meter).

Fluke meter that is powered with two AAA replaceable batteries

Adjustable 2KHz pulse width modulation generator (0-100%).

Each component has circuit connection receptacles for jumper wire hookup.

Included are test jumper wires and power cord.

Includes a comprehensive user’s manual with student activity assignments which cover basic electricity, Ohm’s Law principles, basic and advanced circuits.

Curriculum covers multi-meter set-up, use and interpretation, electrical component operation and DC circuit construction and operation. Additional manuals available at no charge after trainer purchase at

Manual contains competence measuring tests to evaluate student comprehension.

Electrical components included

2 #194 Incandescent light bulbs (removable)

1 #3157 LED bulb (removable)

1 #194 LED bulb (removable)

1 Buzzer

2 Transistors (NPN and PNP)

1 Diode

1 Motor1- ISO 5-pin relay

1 Electronic flasher

1 75Ω Potentiometer

5 Resistors (1-2Ω, 2-20Ω, 1-40Ω, 1-100Ω)

1 Fuse (removable)

1 SPST Toggle switch

1 N.O. Push button switch