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uScope classroom kit

Are you looking to equip your classroom with everything you need to teach digital storage oscilloscopes? We have the solution for you. A complete classroom set with a uScope master kit for you the instructor as well as a signal distribution harness and ten uScopes for your students! This proven combination is in use at numerous schools around the world.

Technical Details

Product code AE-73-CK_053282

Educational Advantages

The instructors master kit has all necessary components for teaching.

The signal distribution facilitates sharing signals from a ConsuLab product to the whole class.

The (10) included uScopes for students provide hands-on experience for everyone.

The uScope has internal preset stored sample patterns for sensors, actuators, amp, ignition and charging system patterns for student reference. Patterns can be over-layed with live pattern for comparisons.

The uScope has a built in 10Hz-1MHz square wave signal generator for student learning and practice. The signal is manually adjustable for duty cycle and frequency.

Obtained waveforms can be saved and stored on a computer for future recall and instruction

Kit contents

(1) AE-71-MK_053280 uScope digital storage oscilloscope - master kit

(1) AE-72-SD_053281 Signal distribution harness

(10) AE-70-BK_053279 uScope digital storage oscilloscope - basic kit


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