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Signal distribution harness

The Signal Distribution Harness is used to distribute one automotive level signal to test equipment such as multimeters and lab scopes. Modular design allows for various classroom configurations.

Technical Details

Product code AE-72-SD_053281

Educational Advantages

Allows each student to be individually involved while observing and understanding live electrical signals.

Provides multiple learning stations while reducing student visual concerns present when only one vehicle is used for demonstrations.

Only one signal source is needed to demonstrate learning assignments to entire class at the same time.

Signal harness can also be used for demonstrating digital multimeter use.

Harness can be configured for any type of classroom/shop furniture layout

Kit contents

Branch harnesses are connected to the main harness using BNC connectors and provides test equipment access points for oscilloscopes, digital multi-meters signals, and other test equipment.

Each junction box has a positive where negative receptacle and multiple scopes or meters can be connected by stacking banana plugs.


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