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uScope digital storage oscilloscope - master kit

The uScope Master Kit is a single channel, pocket-sized, digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) that is small, quick, and powerful enough to capture the fastest signals when connected to ConsuLab trainers or other signals. In less than 4 seconds it’s booted up and ready to take aim on any signal. The Master Kit includes a comprehensive selection of common accessories and test leads needed for labscope diagnostics. The uScope is equipped with a 12-bit analog/digital converter, samples at 1 million/second and includes 10x peak detect oversample. An optional signal harness for multiple user access is available on request. The Master Kit contains additional probes, adapters, Amp-Clamp, Ignition adapters, and other accessories for those needing them. Be aware that most other scope and DMM accessories can also be used with the uScope.

Technical Details

Product code AE-71-MK_053280

Educational Advantages

Although physically small, the uScope has many features equal to much more expensive units.

The uScope has internal preset stored sample patterns for sensors, actuators, amp, ignition and charging system patterns for student reference. Patterns can be over-layed with live pattern for comparisons.

The uScope has a built in 10Hz-1MHz square wave signal generator for student learning and practice. The signal is manually adjustable for duty cycle and frequency.

Obtained waveforms can be saved and stored on a computer for future recall and instruction.

Being extremely affordable, multiple units can be purchased for groups of students all viewing one signal with the optional signal distribution harness.

Kit Contents

uScope Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Protective boot (orange)

Low Current Amp Probe (10mA - 60A)

Shielded test lead (5-ft)

Secondary lead (5-ft) with plug wire clamp

COP paddle

AC filter

Primary ignition probe (attenuator)

Alligator clips (black & green)

2mm pin tip probes (black & green)

EAP backpinning probes (2)

Adapter for BNC connector

Adapter for banana plug

2GB micro SD card

Micro USB cable

3.5mm mini phono plug for signal generator

Hard carrying case

User manual


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