ConsuLab manufactures educational training materials adapted to meet the needs of technical and vocational schools in the fields of transportation technology and electrical engineering as well as a line of industrial products for the electrical industry.

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  • Link ConsuLab: Last week, we were honored to take part in Vipar HD, a heavy duty vehicle and truck distributor show in Orlando, Florida. There we collaborated with a Vipar founding member, MacPek, who presented a new training concept. MacPek has designed and built a mobile training trailer consisting of four ConsuLab trainer groups. The A/C, HD CAN Bus multiplex, Basic Electricity and a newly designed Bendix air brake trainers are featured in the trailer.
    October 24, 2016
  • ConsuLab: We conclude our week-long series of interviews with Rick Martineau our new Director of Education with these last two questions about advice for teachers and students: What advice would you give someone who wanted to go into teaching automotive? RICK: In my past I was responsible for hiring new instructors. Once I was confident in their technical ability I would ask the following question. Why do you want to teach? I always wanted to hear a response that related to passing on their knowledge or mentoring new technicians. If someone wants to enter teaching automotive I would recommend taking every opportunity to teach on the job. Take on an apprentice and guide him. Check with local schools for opportunities to teach evening classes. Once you have been given the opportunity to teach realize that you are now the apprentice in a new field. Seek the mentorship of other successful instructors and be willing to try a variety of methods to interact with your students. Try to keep your classes interactive as you can learn from the students as well. What advice would you give a student who is interested in studying automotive technology RICK: Anyone that is interested in studying automotive technology should be prepared for a lot of work. You will begin to apply several things that you have learned in the past and explore new concepts. You must be willing to understand how the systems work and not just look for the shortcut or quick fix. You should also know that once certified you will still need to continue learning as new technologies are introduced.
    October 21, 2016
  • ConsuLab: More from our Director of Education, Rick Martineau: How important is collaboration for automotive instructors and how do you recommend they collaborate? RICK: One of the biggest advantages of teaching at SAIT is that we had 20 plus instructors teaching automotive. We all met daily in the same location for our breaks. The opportunity to share ideas and get feedback was invaluable. I found that attending conferences with other automotive instructors also to be a great asset by finding others to collaborate with. The online world also has several forums for sharing and discussion. I think each instructor should find what works for them and participate as we should never stop learning.
    October 20, 2016


The instructors here are very impressed with the craftsmanship of the units that were purchased. We just wanted you to know how pleased they are with the simulators, and will definitely recommend your company to others.

Brian Madlem & Deborah Bowling, Lakeland Community College


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Consulab manufactures educational training materials adapted to meet the needs of technical and vocational schools in the fields of transportation technology electrical engineering.

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