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Teaching Diagnosis with a DSO (intro to DSO part 2 of 2) + Add to wishlist


This seminar will follow the intro to the DSO class and will have the intent of giving instructors practice in capturing and analyzing patterns, using both voltage and current waveforms.   We will look at waveforms for fuel pumps, primary ignition, secondary ignition, fuel injection, relays, CKP, CMP, and Oxygen sensors.   Instructors should bring a calculator along (phone calculators are fine) as we will be calculating pump speed, and on time signals.  We will use scopes supplied by ConsuLab so all participants will be able to see the pattern.  A comprehensive handout will be provided at this ConsuLab teaching techniques sponsored 1.5 hour class.


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This machine is more than a teaching aide, it's been a God send and I want to thank you and Consulab for your contribution to the educational world.

Richard Cox, North Central Kansas Technical College


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