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EC-2001-07 Cutaway Hybrid Scroll Type A/C Compressor + Add to wishlist


The EC-2001-07 allows students to see the internal operation of the electrically driven hybrid scroll type A/C compressor. The 3-phase electric motor that drives the compressor can be rotated using a hand crank.


Main Features

  • Allows visualization of internal operation of a scroll-type A/C compressor
  • Driven by hand crank


  • Toyota Prius

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These are wonderful trainers! With the ability to remote control them with a laptop, real life situations can be simulated (read: intermittent faults) and it also helps with so many different areas of expertise! San Jacinto College has these trainers and couldn't be more satisfied. Well done, ConsuLab!

J.P. Goins, GM ASEP instructor, San Jacinto College


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