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2015-2012 Civic 1.8L engine trainer with AC

The ConsuLab EM-140C-HN01 engine trainer is a fully functional recycled engine mounted on a mobile stand. The trainer is based on a 2012-2015 Honda Civic 1.8L global vehicle platform. The trainer has easy access for service procedures of all major components. Wire colors and connectors match OEM configuration and service information. Trainer is mounted on a mobile stand constructed of powder coated 2” square steel tubing equipped with four 5” phenol casters (2 fixed and 2 swivel w/locks) for easy transport. Many ASE Education Foundation tasks can be performed with this trainer pertaining to areas A6 (Electrical) & A8 (Engine Performance). Full protection safety guards are installed covering all rotating components.

Technical Details

Product code EM-140C-HN01A_035032

Educational Advantages

Allows instructional demonstrations to students without access limitations of a complete vehicle.

Engine systems respond to inserted faults with real world symptoms, DTC’s, scan tool PID’s and check engine light operation.

Included PCM break out box allows easy access for component testing without disconnecting connectors.

No simulation. All original OEM components are used.

Available with two HVAC options - (with or without clear sight glasses & pressure gauges).

Provides a fully functional recycled engine with selectable and repeatable faults for student learning and diagnosis.

Promotes student “ownership” and engagement with “hands-on” learning with real components.


i-VTEC technology Turbocharger

Port fuel injection fuel system

R18Z4 Engine technology

Dual CVVT (Camshaft variable valve timing)

OEM EVAP system

Electronic Throttle Control

OEM EGR valve system

Wide-Band Lambda sensor

CAN Bus network

Functional OEM instrument panel


2012-2015 Honda Civic with specific vehicle VIN number provided


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