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CL-425 Power Analyzer - 50/60 Hz + Add to wishlist


The unit is a high-precision power analyzer with graphical display. It includes a digital multimeter that is configured to provide three phase measurements with harmonic analysis of basic current and voltage. The power analyzer is the best tool to required electrical measurement monitoring and storage. The trainer comes with a dedicated software and a USB port. All the electrical components are brought out to 4-mm separated terminals on the front panel. For ease of identification and use, the specifications and schematic diagrams are silk-screened on the reverse of the clear front panel. Requires a 120V 60Hz or 220V 50Hz circuit.


Educational Advantages

  • Configured to provide three phase measurements with harmonic analysis of basic current and voltage
  • Compatible with all ConsuLab machines


Technical Specifications

  • Input voltage: 120-220 VAC - 50-60 Hz
  • Measure Maximum Values Three phase - 600 VAC - 30A
  • Display type: 128 x 80 pixels graphs
  • Connector type: USB port for PC communication
  • Protection type: fuse


Measurement Types

  • Voltage: line, phase and main
  • Current : phase (calculated neutral current)
  • Power: real, reactive, apparent and total
  • Cos φ and phase angle: per phase and total
  • Frequency: for measured voltage 



  • Voltage: ± 0.2 % (50 to 830 VAC)
  • Current: ± 0.2 %
  • Power: ± 0.5 % full scale
  • Power factor: ± 0.5 %
  • Frequency: 0.05 %
  • Real energy: Class 0.5S compliant with IEC/EN 62053-22
  • Reactive energy: Class 2 compliant with IEC/EN 62053-23


Special Functions

  • Average values integration function
  • Power and current peak values (max. demand)
  • Voltage and current asymmetry
  • Voltage and current total harmonic distortion
  • Voltage and current harmonic distortion analysis up to 31st rank with bargraph display
  • Active, reactive, partial apparent and total energy meter with programmable tariff function
  • Min. and max. values storage



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The training aids that we have from Consulab are excellent, and are much more detailed than the other companies that offer similar products. I use them while teaching in my class, and the students really understand when the cutaways are right there, rather than just a picture in a book. Your Sales and Service have been great!

Marc Michaud, Lee County High Tech Central


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