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CL-425 Power Analyzer - 50/60 Hz


The unit is a high-precision power analyzer with graphical display. It includes a digital multimeter that is configured to provide three phase measurements with harmonic analysis of basic curren...

CL-100-50 Rotary Machines Trainer - 1/3hp (250W) - 50Hz


The ConsuLab 1/3hp-250W rotary machines trainer is intended as a teaching aid for a course on AC/DC motors and generators. The Consulab modular units are portable and totally enclosed. Work...

CL-412-50 Single Phase Analog Wattmeter - 50 Hz


The trainer consists of one (1) analog wattmeter, 0-750 W, designed to read the active power in single phase circuits. Pre-wired voltage and current inputs. Stackable and portable half-size...

CL-413-50 Three Phase Analog Wattmeters - 50 Hz


The Three Phase Analog Wattmeters consist of two 300W meters wired together to measure the real power in three phase systems. Switches are provided to invert negative readings. The&nbs...

CL-421 AC Ammeters - 50/60 Hz


The trainer includes three (3) analog ammeters for reading alternative current. Each ammeter has four (4) reading scales that are adapted to measure the current in experiments wit...

CL-420-50 DC Analog Voltmeter/Ammeter - 50 Hz


The DC Analog Voltmeter/Ammeter trainer is designed to be used with other ConsuLab units in electrical engineering measurements for motor and generator experiments. The analog met...

CL-422-50 AC Analog Voltmeters - 50 Hz


The trainer iincludes three (3) analog voltmeters for reading AC voltages. Each voltmeter has two (2) reading scales adapted to measure the voltage in experiments with rotary mach...

CL-418-50 Three Phase Wattmeter-Varmeter - 50 Hz


The Three Phase Wattmeter/Varmeter consists of two 440-W/VA meters that are connected so as to allow students to measure active and reactive power in a three phase circuit. The unit has two swit...

CL-419-50 Phase Meter - 50 Hz


The Phase Meter is used to teach how to measure phase angles between two different output signals. The input signal is a reference for the unit and two indicating lights display the negative or ...



I want to thank you for the EM-2000-OT A/C SYSTEM TRAINER W/ORIFICE TUBE that you sold San Jacinto College. I taught an HVAC class that included high school freshmen. The students had to wait 3 to 5 weeks to get textbooks. The trainer proved invaluable; I was able to teach all of the basic concepts with that machine.

David Engel, San Jacinto College


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Consulab manufactures educational training materials adapted to meet the needs of technical and vocational schools in the fields of transportation technology electrical engineering.

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