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In this time of social distancing, ConsuLab is closer than ever.


Every business day at 14:00 EDT we are having a 30-minute online discussion.



We will provide news of what is happening in the industry and will also encourage you to share your success stories as well as your challenges. Let this format be a sounding board as well as an educational opportunity to come together and learn together.


Here is the link which can be accessed through any web browser on your phone or your computer. You can also arrive early as we will have representatives available to assist you and also field your questions.




18 March 2020: Teaching automotive & diesel in isolation - recorded discussion available here on YouTube


19 March 2020: How to build a lesson plan to teach remotely - recorded discussion available here on YouTube

Files from this session: Lesson plan Video storyboard Learning log Distance learning resources


23 March 2020: Creating elements to teach remotely, part 2. - Recorded discussion available here on YouTube


24 March 2020: How to demonstrate voltage drop using someone else's hands.


25 March 2020: Managing a virtual discussion group


26 March 2020: A Different Look At Teaching Valve Timing


Potential future topics:


45 tips for program viabilitiy abbreviated – what still works in isolation? 

Guided class using online courseware (Electude) and hardware (ConsuLab) 

Teaching Ohm's law remotely 

Teaching engine performance case studies remotely 

Teaching multiplexing remotely 

Teaching lighting systems remotely 

How to teach brakes and other hands-on classes without hands 




Free trial of Electude until the end of the semester: contact info flyer here


Scanner Danner Premium is free for educators during the pandemic :


James Haldermans resources are free during the pandemic:


Automotive Educators Forum on LinkedIn


Automotive Educators on Facebook


Presentation resources, PPTs and handouts are now located and organized by presentation here (you will need to be logged in to have access): sectors/availableTraining/


Resources available for download:

Diesel emissions standards demystified

A Hands-On Approach to Ohm's Law and DC Circuits

45 Tips to Improve Your Program’s Viability

Teaching the Basics of CAN with Information at the DLC

Speed & Position Sensors Instructor Handout

CAN Bus Instructor Handout

GDI Instructor Handout

Introduction to the digital storage oscilloscope (DSO)

Teaching Computer Control using Cause and Effect Relationships Hands-On

A Fresh Look at Ignition

Electrical Diagnostic Strategies for Today's Vehicles


Other Resources:

Automotive Educators Forum on LinkedIn

Tim Gilles

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)




This machine is more than a teaching aide, it's been a God send and I want to thank you and Consulab for your contribution to the educational world.

Richard Cox, North Central Kansas Technical College


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