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The FP-MF200-CAV simulator is the most advanced trainer in the world for teaching students everything they need to know about cavitation, its common causes, and its devastating effect on a hydraulic system.


Much thought went into the design of this training masterpiece. The transparent reservoir, transparent pump suction line, and transparent pump outlet port transmission line are backlit to enhance the stunning visual impact this simulator offers.


Educational Advantages

  • Designed to demonstrate the following:
    ○ Normal pump inlet restriction
    ○ Abnormally high pump inlet restriction
    ○ Abnormally low pump inlet restriction
    ○ What occurs when oil is discharged above the oil level in a hydraulic reservoir
    ○ What occurs when the pump inlet is too close to the surface of the oil – vortex.


Learning Activities
The MF200-CAV Pump Cavitation Simulator will teach students the following:

  • Physics associated with the operation of a hydraulic pump
  • How the inlet side of a hydraulic pump works
  • How design influences the amount of restriction at the inlet side of a pump
  • Common design “oversights” when designing hydraulic pump intakes
  • Why it is critical to know what a particular pump’s normal inlet restriction is
  • What role altitude plays in the operation at the inlet side of a pump
  • What causes pump inlet restriction to increase to a level that can cause cavitation, the most common cause of abnormally high inlet restriction
  • What causes pump inlet restriction to decrease to a level that can cause pseudo-cavitation
  • The most common cause of abnormally low pump inlet restriction
  • What occurs when flow discharges above the oil level in a hydraulic reservoir
  • What causes a “vortex” to occur in a hydraulic system
  • Why it is critical to “trend” pump inlet restriction


Components included:

  • Steel cart finished in durable, powder-coat
  • Four wheel casters with brakes
  • Fixed-displacement gear pump (2.0 GPM [7.57 Lpm])
  • 1-HP, 115V single-phase, C-face electric motor
  • Pre-set safety pressure relief valve
  • Adjustable inlet restrictor valve
  • Adjustable resistance valve
  • Adjustable air inlet valve
  • Panel-mounted, in-line flow meter (0.2–2.0 GPM/0.76-7.57 Lpm)
  • Panel-mounted, digital oil temperature gauge
  • Panel-mounted, digital ambient temperature gauge
  • Panel-mounted, 4 inch, Bourdon tube-type, glycerine-filled 0-30” (0-762mm) Hg vacuum gauge
  • Panel-mounted, four inch, Bourdon tube-type, glycerine-filled 0–600 PSI (41.4 bar) pressure gauge
  • Top-mounted, transparent reservoir with baffles - 5.3 gallon (20 Lpm) capacity
  • Removable filler/breather cap
  • Transparent pump suction line
  • Transparent pump outlet port transmission line
  • ON/OFF switch with thermal overload protection
  • Stainless-steel tubing with Swage-Lok®-type stainless-steel connectors
  • Face-plates finished with anodized, brushed aluminum
  • Rugged, welded, powder-coat finished frame with storage shelf
  • Adjustable height inlet tube inside tank
  • Discharge tube above the oil level

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I got the half car out of the crate and working yesterday and today I had my Level 3 Electronic Climate Control diagnostics lab using it. This teaching aid is great! The workmanship and design is excellent and it is just perfect for the Level 3 curriculum, including the upcoming changes. We were fortunate that the IPro scan tool we received from the Uniselect donation communicates quite well with the Audi CAN bus system. The Audi also has the electronically controlled, clutchless compressor which is covered in our theory classes so it's a good reinforcement to be able to see it in action, manipulate it and communicate with it. I am very pleased with the quality and applicability of our ConsuLab products (including the engine/AC bench we got recently). They allow me to teach up to 8 students in great detail, whereas only one or two at a time can be involved in a full car. I am looking forward to the imminent arrival of our AC board. Thanks for your excellent insight of design and quality of manufacturing.

Prof. Thomas Brown, Centennial College


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