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CL-1950 Industrial Control Circuits - 60Hz + Add to wishlist


The ConsuLab CL-1950 Industrial Control Circuits trainer has been specially designed as an aid to teach the principles of electric motor control circuits and solid-state industrial controls. A set of practical experiments (60) is included with all necessary components stored in a steel cabinet, which is hinged and opens out in two sections providing a large convenient working area for the student. The components used in the experiments, such as relays, motors, semiconductors, etc., are mounted on Moduponents® (clear plastic plates) and are interchangeable in the cabinet. Interconnections made through piggyback cords. Requires a 120V 60Hz circuit.


Educational Advantages

  • Study of industrial control circuits and solid-states circuits
  • OEM components mounted on moduponents™
  • Includes more than sixty experiments


Componants / Moduponents™ Included

  • DC Ammeter (CL-830-01) (1x)
  • 10-resistor group (CL-830-02) (1x)
  • 10-resistor group (CL-830-03) (1x)
  • 10-resistor group (CL-830-04) (1x)
  • Indicator lamps (CL-830-05) (1x)
  • 4-buttons group (CL-830-06) (1x)
  • 4-diode bridge rectifier (1x)
  • Diac/triac/thermistor/Photo (1x)
  • 10-capacitor group (1x)
  • 4-transistor group (CL-830-10) (1x)
  • 2-transistor group (CL-830-11) (1x)
  • 2-DPDT switch group (1x)
  • 115 V AC Relays (1x)
  • 2/6 V DC Relays (1x)
  • 4-pot group 1x)
  • 4-pot group (1x)
  • Power transistor (1x)
  • Universal motor (1x)
  • Shaded pole motor (1x)
  • DC reg. supply (1x)
  • AC Transfo and PS) (1x)
  • Thermometer
  • Storage case
  • All the parts required for the experiments

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The training aids that we have from Consulab are excellent, and are much more detailed than the other companies that offer similar products. I use them while teaching in my class, and the students really understand when the cutaways are right there, rather than just a picture in a book. Your Sales and Service have been great!

Marc Michaud, Lee County High Tech Central


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