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The CL-5100, Heating System Control, has been designed as a training aid to teach heating system controllers. Because of its high versatility and its expansion capability, the CL-5100 allows the student to produce and explore a multitude of assemblies using a wide range of industrial components such as: pressure regulators, switching relays,

thermostats, flame detectors, etc. Each brand new OEM component is mounted on a Moduponent® that is fastened on rails to a classroom wall. In this fashion, many work stations may be installed without disturbing the classroom desk layout. The inter-connections between the Moduponents® can be easily made with pneumatic hoses. Manufacturer documentation is provided when available for each OEM component. Optional custom Moduponents® can be designed to meet your training needs.


Main Features

  • Permits the assembly and exploration of several heating system controllers
  • Utilizes Consulab Moduponents®
  • Wall brackets available for assembling
  • Ignition circuits, valves, relays, controllers, thermostats, switches and more


List of Components and Moduponents®

  • CL-5100-01, Pressure Switch
  • CL-5100-02, Universal Transformer
  • CL-5100-03, Electromagnetic Valve
  • CL-5100-04, Change-Over Relay
  • CL-5100-05, Motorized Zone Valve
  • CL-5100-06, Integrated Servo-Motor Valve with a Two Way Valve
  • CL-5100-07, Register Motor with Return Spring
  • CL-5100-08, Outdoor Reset Control
  • CL-5100-09, Dual-Bulb, Two-Stage Temperature Controller
  • CL-5100-10, 120V Heavy Duty Thermostat
  • CL-5100-11, 24V Thermostat
  • CL-5100-12, Multi-Stage Thermostat with Terminal Block
  • CL-5100-13, Sequential Switch
  • CL-5100-14, Temperature Regulator with Switch Plate
  • CL-5100-15, Monitor Relay
  • CL-5100-16, Main Monitor Relay
  • CL-5100-17, Photoconductor Cell Flame Detector
  • CL-5100-18, Combined Limiter-High/Low Speed Simulator
  • CL-5100-19, Immersion Regulator
  • CL-5100-20, Regulator with Contacts
  • CL-5100-21, Triple Immersion Regulator
  • CL-5100-22, Bulb Immersion Regulator
  • CL-5100-23, Temperature Simulator with Digital Display Electronic Thermometer, Thermal Probes and Rotary Selector
  • CL-5100-24, SPST Switching Relays
  • CL-5100-25, Heating/Air Conditioning Electrical Thermostat
  • CL-5100-26A, Proportional Thermostat, Coupling and Shutter
  • CL-5100-26B, Proportional Modulation Actuator with Return Spring
  • CL-5100-26C, Coupling
  • CL-5100-26D, Shutter
  • CL-5100-27, Heater Simulator with Immersion Wells
  • CL-148-24, 24-V Power Supply
  • CL-1012-00, 4mm Connection Jumper Leads Set (41)
  • CL-1991-40, Wall Bracket (6' Long Aluminum Design Section)
  • CL-832-02, Lamp Outlet
  • CL-832-04, DPDT Relay
  • CL-832-06, DPDT Flip-Flop switch
  • CL-832-08, Push-buttons
  • CL-832-10, Resistors
  • CL-832-11, Lamp Outlet
  • CL-832-16, Resistors
  • CL-832-18, Outlet and Lamp
  • CL-835-02, Low Heat Thermocouple Simulator
  • CL-835-16, Disassembled Transformer Kit

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Please let everyone know the C-12 trainers are working great, they are a big hit with all the top brass when they stop by for a site visit. The students love that lab portion they all really seem to understand the Cat systems more at the end than when they  rst get to class. You can see that light bulb go off in their head after the  rst couple of bugs. Thanks!

CM1(SCW) Ingram, Mickey, CM Advanced School Instructor, NCTC Gulfport, MS


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