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Electricity and electronics

CL-169 Custom Power Supply Series


We can customize your CL-169 power supply with required voltages and currents, measuring instruments and other components to meet your needs.

CL-30 Industrial Transformers - 60 Hz


The ConsuLab CL-30 trainer deals with the principles of transformers, the different types and their applications. There is an emphasis on transformer characteristics and three phase connection m...

CL-1661 Power Electronics Trainer


The CL-1661 trainer was designed to help students learn power electronics. It comes in a two section sturdy cabinet. Each of these sections comprises standard components mounted on Modupone...

CL-1900 Intro to Electricity and Electronics - 60Hz


The ConsuLab CL-1900 Intro to Electricity & Electronics trainer is intended to provide a course of basic experiments dealing with the production and the use of electrical energy. Students wh...

CL-1910 Basic Electricity - 60Hz


The ConsuLab CL-1910 Basic Electricity trainer has been designed as an aid in teaching electricity while working through a set of introductory experiments. All the experimental compone...

CL-1950 Industrial Control Circuits - 60Hz


The ConsuLab CL-1950 Industrial Control Circuits trainer has been specially designed as an aid to teach the principles of electric motor control circuits and solid-state industrial con...



The CL-9260 Series, Solid-State Control Circuits, has been designed to help teach solid-state control systems. The trainer allows the student to learn basic principles of electronics s...

CL-162 Regulated DC Power Supply


The ConsuLab CL-162 power supply is used for DC experiments. It is equipped with voltage selector, overload and ON/OFF lamp indicators. This power supply is regulated at lower than 0,5%.



The training aids that we have from Consulab are excellent, and are much more detailed than the other companies that offer similar products. I use them while teaching in my class, and the students really understand when the cutaways are right there, rather than just a picture in a book. Your Sales and Service have been great!

Marc Michaud, Lee County High Tech Central


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Consulab manufactures educational training materials adapted to meet the needs of technical and vocational schools in the fields of transportation technology electrical engineering.

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