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Single phase machines

CL-100 Rotary Machines Trainer - 1/3hp (250W) - 60Hz


The ConsuLab 1/3hp-250W rotary machines trainer is intended as a teaching aid for a course on AC/DC motors and generators. The Consulab modular units are portable and totally enclosed. Work...

CL-221 Split-phase Induction Motor - 60 Hz


The trainer is designed to teach the principles of the auxiliary resistive phase motor or split phase motor. In this type of motor, there is no capacitor. The phase shift needed to start the mot...

CL-223 Capacitor-start Motor - 60 Hz


The Capacitor-start Motor is designed to teach the principles of a split-phase motor equipped with a starting capacitor specially built for this type of motor. A centrifugal switch dis...

CL-224 Capacitor-run Motor - 60 Hz


This trainer is a single-phase unit that can be used to teach the principles of the capacitor-run motor. The main winding, auxiliary winding and the capacitor of the capacitor-run...

CL-225 Universal Motor - 60 Hz


The Universal Motor works similar to the DC series motor and can be operated in any household AC frequency or DC current. While in load high speed and power can be output through this&...



These are wonderful trainers! With the ability to remote control them with a laptop, real life situations can be simulated (read: intermittent faults) and it also helps with so many different areas of expertise! San Jacinto College has these trainers and couldn't be more satisfied. Well done, ConsuLab!

J.P. Goins, GM ASEP instructor, San Jacinto College


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Consulab manufactures educational training materials adapted to meet the needs of technical and vocational schools in the fields of transportation technology electrical engineering.

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