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CL-100 Rotary Machines Trainer - 1/3hp (250W) - 60Hz + Add to wishlist


The ConsuLab 1/3hp-250W rotary machines trainer is intended as a teaching aid for a course on AC/DC motors and generators. The Consulab modular units are portable and totally enclosed. Work space required during experiments is minimized since the modules can be stacked vertically. All interconnection panels are transparent so the components are in view at all times. Schematic diagrams and specifications are silk screened onto the back of the front panel of each unit. Interconnections between components are made with piggy back jumper leads and connections are mode through color coded safety socket. When the experiment is in progress, the rotary machines are mounted on a rigid base and assembled with a rubber coupling, thereby eliminating ay possible slippage. The ConsuLab trainer is complete with a laboratory manual (on CD-ROM) which contains details of 54 practical exercises. All parts used in this set of practical exercises are compatible with all other 1/3hp units produced by ConsuLab, so any program of interest can be covered, such as AC/DC control equipment, transformer, and many more. Requires a 120V 60Hz circuit.


Educational Advantages

  • Designed as a teaching aid for a course on AC/DC motors and generators
  • Work and storage required space is minimized in the experiments
  • Easy modular arrangement on a work table
  • Includes more than fifty experiments


Experiment Subjects List

  • Series resistive circuits
  • Parallel resistive circuits
  • Mixed resistive circuits
  • Series capacitive circuits
  • Parallel capacitive circuits
  • Mixed capacitive circuits
  • Series inductive circuits
  • Parallel inductive circuits
  • Mixed inductive circuits (series and parallel)
  • Resistive and capacitive circuits (series and parallel)
  • Resistive and inductive circuits (series and parallel)
  • Inductive and capacitive circuits (series and parallel)
  • Resistive, inductive, and capacitive circuits (series and parallel)
  • Three phase wye circuits
  • Three phase delta circuits
  • Power measurements in a three phase three wire system using two wattmeter
  • Calculating the winding resistance of a DC machine
  • Separately excited shunt generators
  • Self excited shunt generators
  • Efficiency and losses of a DC generators
  • Cumulative and differential compound generator
  • Compounding degree of a DC generator
  • Series generator
  • Operation of shunt generator in parallel
  • Operation of compound generator in parallel
  • Loaded and unloaded shunt motor characteristics
  • Field current and armature voltage effects on the speed of a shunt motor
  • Compound motor
  • Loaded and unloaded series motor characteristics
  • Diagnosing faults in DC machines
  • Three phase alternator open circuit characteristics
  • Synchronous alternator on load
  • Synchronizing an alternator
  • Synchronous motor (power factor)
  • Unloaded synchronous motor
  • Loaded synchronous motor
  • Loaded and unloaded squirrel cage motor characteristics
  • Starting characteristics of a wound rotor machine
  • Wound rotor motor under load
  • Diagnosing faults in three phase machines
  • Split phase motor characteristics loaded and unloaded
  • Capacitor start motor
  • Single phase capacitor start motor
  • Universal motor
  • Diagnosing faults in single phase machines
  • Polarity of and identification of output terminals of a transformer
  • Regulation curves of a transformer under load
  • The autotransformers
  • Distribution transformers
  • Transformers in parallel
  • Connecting transformers in a three phase distribution system
  • Three phase to two phase transformation and vice-versa using the Scott connection
  • DC motor speed control using a SCR circuit


Power Supply

  • CL-143 Variable 3Φ AC Supply (50052)(1x)
  • CL-148 AC/DC Rectifying Unit (50057)(1x)


Control & Operation Equipment

  • CL-125 Synchronizing Unit (50035)(1x)
  • CL-151-1 SCR Speed Controller (50062)(1x)
  • CL-152 3Φ Rheostat Unit (50063)(1x)



  • CL-314 1Φ Transformer (50116)(3x)


Electrical Machines

  • CL-211 Synchronous Machine (50082)(1x)
  • CL-212 Wound-rotor Induction Motor (50083)(1x)
  • CL-213 Squirrel Cage Induction Motor (50084)(1x)
  • CL-214 DC Machine, Multi-excitation (series, shunt and compound)(50086)(1x)
  • CL-223 Capacitor-start Motor (50089)(1x)
  • CL-224 Capacitor-run Motor (50090)(1x)
  • CL-225 Universal Motor (50091)(1x)


Electrical Loads

  • CL-311 Variable Resistive Load Unit (50112)(1x)
  • CL-312 Variable Inductive Load Unit (50114)(1x)
  • CL-313 Variable Capacitive Load Unit (50115)(1x)


Mechanical Load

  • CL-231 Prony Brake (50097)(1x)


Electrical & Mechanical Measuring Equipment

  • CL-413 3Φ Analog Wattmeters (50129)(1x)
  • CL-420 DC analog voltmeter-ammeter (50136)(1x)
  • CL-421 AC analog ammeters (50137)(1x)
  • CL-422 AC analog voltmeters (50138)(1x)
  • CL-1003 Handheld tachometer (50282)(1x)



  • CL-1007 Flexible Rubber Coupling (50286)(1x)
  • CL-1010 Double Coupling Base (50289)(1x)
  • CL-1012E Jumper Leads w/Banana Plugs (52693) (41 leads) 

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I got the half car out of the crate and working yesterday and today I had my Level 3 Electronic Climate Control diagnostics lab using it. This teaching aid is great! The workmanship and design is excellent and it is just perfect for the Level 3 curriculum, including the upcoming changes. We were fortunate that the IPro scan tool we received from the Uniselect donation communicates quite well with the Audi CAN bus system. The Audi also has the electronically controlled, clutchless compressor which is covered in our theory classes so it's a good reinforcement to be able to see it in action, manipulate it and communicate with it. I am very pleased with the quality and applicability of our ConsuLab products (including the engine/AC bench we got recently). They allow me to teach up to 8 students in great detail, whereas only one or two at a time can be involved in a full car. I am looking forward to the imminent arrival of our AC board. Thanks for your excellent insight of design and quality of manufacturing.

Prof. Thomas Brown, Centennial College


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