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The Advanced Instrumentation and Control Trainer was developed so as to enable students to practice the notions of instrumentation, regulation, control and automation of continuous process. The trainer also allows the students to become familiar with real process in permitting them to connect the different components of the system, initiate different calibrations and set up tuning parameters. The strategies can be modified and the system also permits cascade control, feed-forward control and other control strategies. The unit is mounted, inspected and delivered to be used immediately. The different educational aspects are taken into consideration during the conception, as well as assuring that the final assembly will be easy to move, sturdy, attractive, safe, flexible, and versatile.


The conception itself was designed in close collaboration with technical college professors and technicians from industries. The choice of processes, loops and their static and dynamic characteristics (time constants, time delays, process gains) were all made carefully.


The system is composed of 3 loops:

  • Flow
  • Level
  • Pressure


Process Concept

The system consists of pumping water into a reservoir, and recycling this water. Using a very quiet pump, water from a reserve is pumped into a reservoir (30 inches) by way of a control valve, which control the level if the system is in a single loop. The output of this reservoir discharges into a reserve and returns to the pump.


The advanced trainer contains 3 loops (flow/level/pressure), allowing the students to become familiar with:

  • Level measurement with Ohmart Vega by guided wave radar
  • Pressure with ABB transmitter to the pump outlet
  • Control valve Badger Meter with ABB positionner
  • Variable speed pump drive with ABB (ACS350)
  • Standard signal 4-20 mA dc
  • Calibration
  • Control modes: ON/OFF, P. PI, PID
  • Tuning
  • Loop control start-up
  • Single loop



Option 1: Temperature Control Loop with Heating
A temperature control loop with heating only. We could adjust the set point to 30 or 35 degrees but it will be impossible to cool the water. We will have to wait for the water cool by itself. This option is easy and economic. It includes a RTD, thermo well, temperature controller with universal input and 4@20mA output, breaker, SCR and heating wire. If you want, we could remove the controller and you will control this loop by your PLC.


Option 2: Temperature Control Loop with Heating and a Cooler
The same temperature control loop as describe in the option #1, but adding a cooler. This cooler will have an ON/OFF control. It will be possible to start it with your PLC to cool the water and add a disturbance in the loop.


Option 3: Real Heat and Cooling Control
Finally, having a real heat and cooling control loop. The same temperature control loop as describe in the option #1 and adding a cooler with a 4@20mA input. You will have to program in your PLC a heat/cool strategy with 2 outputs. One will be sent to the heater, and the other to the cooler — we will use a 3 way valve with a intelligent positioner.


Laboratory Experiments Supplied
The assembly has been designed to meet college and university curriculum requirements. It deels with:

  • Process control
  • Automatic control
  • Process measurement;
  • Final control devices
  • Industrial processes
  • Open and close loop
  • Cascade control and feed-forward control

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I want to thank you for the EM-2000-OT A/C SYSTEM TRAINER W/ORIFICE TUBE that you sold San Jacinto College. I taught an HVAC class that included high school freshmen. The students had to wait 3 to 5 weeks to get textbooks. The trainer proved invaluable; I was able to teach all of the basic concepts with that machine.

David Engel, San Jacinto College


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