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CL-152 Three Phase Rheostat Unit - 60 Hz + Add to wishlist


The Three Phase Rheostat Unit includes three adjustable single-phase rheostats mounted on the same shaft and connected in wye. The main function of rheostats in a control system is to adjust the current in a rotating machine winding when voltage drop is needed. The three-phase rheostat is very useful for wound motor starting. By varying the external resistors in the rotor circuit, the motor starting torque and current can be adjusted to the required value. This also allows manual control of the motor speed with load. It can be used for wound rotor motor applications. Connections can be made between the three-phase power supply and other components in the circuit through 4mm φ standard color-coded safety sockets using banana plug jumper leads. Specifications and/or diagrams are silk-screened on the back of a clear-plastic front panel for ease of identification. The trainer is protected by a either a diode or thermal-magnetic circuit breaker. Included in the Rotating Machines Trainer (50016) for 1/3 hp - 250 W. Requires a 120V 60Hz circuit.


Educational Advantages

  • Three adjustable single-phase rheostats mounted on the same shaft and connected in wye
  • Can be used for wound rotor motor applications
  • Included in the basic Rotating Machines Trainer (50016) for 1/3 hp - 250 W


Technical Specifications

  • Number of rheostats: 3
  • Rheostats rating: 12 Ω, 50 W
  • Thermal magnetic breakers (3)
  • Reset button

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Please let everyone know the C-12 trainers are working great, they are a big hit with all the top brass when they stop by for a site visit. The students love that lab portion they all really seem to understand the Cat systems more at the end than when they  rst get to class. You can see that light bulb go off in their head after the  rst couple of bugs. Thanks!

CM1(SCW) Ingram, Mickey, CM Advanced School Instructor, NCTC Gulfport, MS


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