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Resources available for download:

Diesel emissions standards demystified

Air Conditioning Instructor Handout

Air Conditioning Updates Instructor Resources

A Hands-On Approach to Ohm's Law and DC Circuits

45 Tips to Improve Your Program’s Viability

Teaching the Basics of CAN with Information at the DLC

Teaching GDI Diagnosis at the DLC

A New Look at Some Old Sensors

Speed & Position Sensors Instructor Handout

The Army Men Model

Team-Based Learning

CAN Bus Instructor Handout

GDI Instructor Handout

Un-conference – Vision 2016

Personal Learning Network links

Using a DSO in 2016

Introduction to the digital storage oscilloscope (DSO)

Autonomous Vehicles - the butterfly effect

Autonomous Vehicles - the butterfly effect notes

Teaching Computer Control using Cause and Effect Relationships Hands-On

A Fresh Look at Ignition

Electrical Diagnostic Strategies for Today's Vehicles


Other Resources:

Automotive Educators Forum on LinkedIn

James Halderman's educational portal

Tim Gilles

Novabus Trainers Specification Sheets

Novabus NV-1000-01B Manual

Novabus NV-1000-01C Manual

Novabus NV-1000-01C-460V Manual_V2017-1

Novabus NV-1000-01C-460V Manual_V2017-2

Novabus NV-1000-01D Manual

Novabus NV-1000-03 Schematic Diagrams

Novabus NV-1000-05 Manual

Novabus NV-1000-06 Manual

Novabus NV-1000-08A Manual

Novabus NV-1000-08B Manual

Novabus NV-1000-09 Manual

Novabus NV-1000-09A Manual

Novabus NV-1000-09B Manual

Novabus NV-1000-10 Manual


Novabus NV-1000-11A Operation Manual

Novabus NV-1000-12 Manual

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)


Links to YouTube Videos:

How Honda's VTEC works

Hyundai CVVT


Fiat's MultiAir

Team Based Learning Approach



The instructors here are very impressed with the craftsmanship of the units that were purchased. We just wanted you to know how pleased they are with the simulators, and will definitely recommend your company to others.

Brian Madlem & Deborah Bowling, Lakeland Community College


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